Downloadable placement assessment and scope and sequence for all four volumes of the Foundations curriculum

Help Getting Started

Looking to determine which level to begin with? Take this assessment and browse the Help Center for answers to all of your questions about getting started with Foundations!

Starting at B Assessment Getting Started With Foundations
Foundations Scope and Sequence

Throughout Foundations, students will develop the Five Essential Skills of Reading plus grammar and handwriting skills.

Foundations Scope & Sequence

Planning Ahead for Flexible Lessons

Foundations Online Supplement Planning Guides

Use these planning guides to see how and when to integrate the Online Supplements into your Foundations lessons with ease!

Downloadable planning guides designed to help teachers project flexibility with respect to their lesson plans.
Foundations reader placement tool

Listed by volume, each concept is identified when/where it is taught, so you can easily use this tool to add in additional readers alongside the appropriate lesson!

Foundations Reader Placement Tool

Additional Application and Alternate Practice

Video lessons on YouTube correlated with Foundations content

Free Foundations Video Instruction

Review all 75 phonograms and explore the spelling behind hundreds of words! Organized by volume and correlated to each Foundations lesson.

Phonogram Review by Volume Spelling Analysis by Lesson

High-Frequency Words Taught in Foundations

Are you curious about which high-frequency words are taught in Foundations? Download these complete lists for extra practice or to print and cut replacements for high-frequency word games!

Downloadable pages from the Foundations workbook for additional high-frequency word practice
Foundations C Copywork Supplement example pages

Foundations C Copywork Supplement

Additional handwriting practice to support any Foundations C student! Available in both cursive and manuscript.

Foundations C Copywork Supplement

Foundations Progress Monitoring Checklists

Record your students' progress mastering the skills taught in Foundations.

Foundations progress monitoring checklists

Standards Taught in Foundations

Downloadable take-home sets for Foundations users

Take-Home Sets

Facilitate your students practicing at home with these downloadable take-home sets!

Foundations Take-Home Sets

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