Free online book study for Uncovering the Logic of English and downloadable discussion questions

Uncovering the Logic of English Book Study

A video and discussion guide for individuals and groups who are reading Uncovering the Logic of English.

Uncovering the Logic of English Book Study Book Discussion Questions

Learning To Read Is Like Growing a Tree

Download, print and hang this poster as a reminder to nurture the foundational root skills that help students strengthen their joy of reading!

Downloadable poster of a tree analogy visualizing the interdependence of the Five Strands of Reading and other language arts skills

Phonemic Awareness Free Resources

Steps to Developing Phonemic Awareness poster

Steps to Developing Phonemic Awareness

Understanding that spoken words are made of sounds is critical to the foundation of learning to read. Hang this poster in your classroom or keep it with your lesson plans to track targeted phonemic awareness skills and subskills.

Phonemic Awareness Poster Learn More About Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic Awareness Games and Activities

Engage your students in developing the phonemic awareness skills that are most highly correlated with skilled reading.

Downloadable phonemic awareness activities

Phonogram & Spelling Rule Free Resources

Downloadable and web-based phonogram practice solutions

Listen, Learn, Practice and Master All the Sounds!

Discover all the sounds of the basic phonograms, improve your pronunciation and identify sounds as consonants, vowels or R-controlled vowels with the interactive phonogram chart. Easily track your students' progress with a downloadable mastery chart!

Interactive Phonogram Chart Phonogram Mastery Chart
Downloadable Phonogram Word Lists with example words

Word Lists by Phonogram

Access word lists for all of the multi-letter phonograms! Whether you are looking for ways to implement a SOR-based approach to your instruction or needing ways to practice or assess target phonograms, these word lists are readily available to meet your needs.

Learn More and Download »

Spelling Rules as defined by Logic of English

31 Spelling Rules

These rules describe where phonograms will say different sounds in English words, which spellings may be used in different contexts and other patterns in the spelling of English words.

Explore Spelling Rules »

YouTube video featuring a song from the Doodling Dragon Series of albums

Sing Along With Phonogram Songs!

Sprinkle joy into any classroom with these free samples of Foundations favorites!

Listen on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or purchase the downloadable albums!

Classroom engaged with a sound wall organized by phonogram and spelling rule

Sound Wall Template

Looking for a sound wall that aligns with the Science of Reading? This year you can choose to organize words by phonogram and spelling rule!

Three-part video series on YouTube demonstrating how to eliminate the need to memorize sight words by using phonograms and spelling rules to decode common high-frequency words using the Logic of English

Eliminate the Rote Memory of Sight Words

Browsing for resources that teach the Dolch sight words in a simple and logical way? This 3-part training contains lessons and tips to help you teach students how to sound out sight words!

Eliminate the Rote Memory of Sight Words (Part 1) Fact Sheet

Spelling Analysis Free Resources

Learn how to teach students to analyze the reasons for English spellings.

Handwriting Free Resources

Downloadable handwriting paper with various line sizes and thoughtful handwriting tips for teachers

Support Students With Kinesthetic Practice

This handwriting paper provides different line sizes for students to choose which lines they are more comfortable with and/or facilitate the transition from large- to fine-motor movement.

Handwriting Paper Handwriting Teacher Tips

Explore curriculum-specific resources to use alongside Foundations or Essentials.

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