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Help Getting Started

Whether you're looking for a little guidance getting started or need to look up in-depth details, our Help Center is here for you!

Getting Started With Essentials Essentials Placement Test
Essentials Scope and Sequence

Essentials helps students build on the skills they know while expanding their knowledge of how English works!

Essentials Scope & Sequence Units 1-30

Planning Ahead for Flexible Lessons

Essentials Online Planning Guides

Use these planning guides to see how and when to integrate the online courses into your Essentials lessons with ease!

Downloadable planning guides designed to help teachers project flexibility with respect to their lesson plans.

Standards Taught in Essentials

Additional Application and Alternate Practice

Samples of a YouTube series of free spelling analysis

Free Spelling Analysis Lessons

Experience the world of Spelling Analysis as Denise Eide walks you through 900 words! Available for Level A and Level B, these video lessons are organized in the same order as they're taught in each Essentials volume!

Essentials Spelling Analysis - Level A Essentials Spelling Analysis - Level B

Free Phonogram Review

Essentials take-home set directions and game board

Take-Home Phonogram Sets

Facilitate your students practicing at home with these downloadable take-home sets!

Essentials Phonogram Take-Home Sets

Use Foundations Readers With Essentials

Use this chart to determine when and where to incorporate readers from the Foundations curriculum into the appropriate place for your Essentials student!

Interior spreads of a Foundations B reader and a Foundations C reader demonstrating an appeal to a younger student.
Children attending a summer camp featuring Essentials Reader as curriculum

When it comes to summer camps for striving readers, I have found that convincing an older student who has struggled with reading to participate and put forth effort is often the biggest hurdle...

Progress Monitoring Checklists

Record your students progress as they advance through each unit.

Essentials progress monitoring checklist example

Celebrate Your Student's Victory With a Certificate of Completion!

Explore Resources for Any Classroom That Wants To Incorporate the Science of Reading

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